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    Australian Rules Football During the First World War

About Dale

Dale is a freelance historian currently working at Deakin University’s  Burwood Campus in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. He was awarded his doctorate at Victoria University in 1998 and his PhD Thesis was subsequently published as Dinkum Diggers: An Australian Battalion at War by Melbourne University Press in 2001.

He has written two other books, No Quarter: Unlawful Killing and Surrender in the Australian War Experience, 1915-18 published by Ginninderra Press (2005) and The Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel: Tommies, Diggers and Doughboys on the Hindenburg Line, 1918 published by Frontline Books (2011).  Both are now available online through Amazon Kindle.

In addition to this Dale has written numerous articles on Australia’s First World War experience. His novella Dublin RISING 1916 about two Australian diggers caught up in the Easter Rebellion is available on Amazon Kindle as are his two children’s books The Day My Penis Fell Off: The Astonishing Tale of J. J. Maguire and The Silver Seal. He has just completed a biography of Tony Cohen (soon available), legendary Australian music engineer and producer. Dale is currently working on a book that traces the last days of the Confederate Army of Tennessee.

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