PNG’s Supreme Court Bombshell

The Papua New Guinean Supreme Court have declared the detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island as illegal and an abuse of their basic human rights. Bravo. It’s a pity the Australian High Court didn’t arrive at a similar conclusion when asked to rule on off shore processing earlier this year.

The upshot will again see an hysterical debate with both major parties screaming from the same copy book that they are fighting the people smuggler trade and that these asylum seekers can’t be treated with any measure of generosity lest the wrong message be sent.

Australia’s abrogation of its commitment to human rights in regard to refugees is an ever lasting stain on its name and tars all of us.

Close the off shore detention centres and direct the millions saved into prompt processing of claims.

If the government is serious about ending the people smuggling trade it would be better advised to direct its military into regional partnerships to close down the known operators and points of departure rather than dropping $650K bombs on Syria and arguably further contributing to the refugee crisis.