Tony Cohen is a celebrated and somewhat notorious Australian independent sound engineer who is best known for his collaboration with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Tony has been described as an ‘evil genius’ by Tex Perkins, lead singer of The Cruel Sea. He was once described as being part of an imagined Melbourne music mafia and regular calls are made for his induction into the Australian Music Hall of Fame. His career is a road map of Australian independent music and there are few of the established giants of this genre with whom he has not worked.

Tony’s life has been played out in the time honoured excesses of rock ‘n’ roll. He is a survivor and has left a marvellous legacy of great sounds equal to any throughout the world.

Although Tony is best known for his long association with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, his career predates that by a decade and began under the tutelage of Australia’s most iconic music guru Molly Meldrum scoring early gold record success with The Ferrets and Supernaut. He has won several Australian music industry awards and inspired others in the music business.

He is a recovering heroin addict still reliant on methadone. He currently lives in a caravan at the back of his cousin’s home and one can say the riches he deserved from his outstanding creative input into the final product of many artists’ works have been squandered over time. He has been a victim of dishonesty but mostly, as he readily admits, he has been a victim of himself.

This work is based on extensive interviews with Tony as well as others within the industry, his family and friends. It has a strong autobiographical flavour as I have attempted wherever possible to allow Tony’s voice to tell the story. It is a warts and all account and gives great insight into many of the characters who have populated the Australian and International music scenes, particularly in Melbourne, Sydney, London and Berlin.

Carol Ebden has just lost his job. After a fraught and nostalgic meeting with his old football coach he decides to head to New York on a writing pilgrimage leaving his wife and son behind. His mind, though, is infected with  thoughts of an unrequited love from his high school days as well as unresolved issues surrounding his daughter. Carol’s sojourn unravels as he wrestles with past demons.


Tommies, Diggers and Doughboys on the Hindenburg Line, 1918

In November 1918 the BEF under Field Marshal Haig fought a series of victorious battles on the Western Front that contributed mightily to the German army’s defeat. They did so as part of a coalition and the role of Australian ‘diggers’ and US ‘doughboys’ is often forgotten. The Bellicourt Tunnel attack, fought in the fading autumn light, was very much an inter-Allied affair and marked a unique moment in the Allied armies’ endeavors.

Dinkum Diggers

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An Australian Battalion at War

Tall, sun-bronzed, hardy. Resourceful, independent, egalitarian. Scornful of authority, loyal to their mates. These mythical characteristics of the Anzac ‘diggers’ are central to our idea of what it is to be Australian. But did the soldiers themselves fit the stereotype? How closely does the myth match the reality? This penetrating study strips away celebratory generalisations and measures the Anzac legend against the actual experiences of one battalion that fought at Gallipoli and on the Western Front in World War I.

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Unlawful Killing and Surrender in the Australian War Experience 1915-1918

One of the rarely discussed aspects of the experience of soldiers in the First World War was the refusal to take prisoners during battle and in some cases the killing of prisoners in the front line. No Quarter investigates the degree to which Australian soldiers were participants in this practice both as victims and perpetrators.

Two Aust Soldier 72

Two young Australian soldiers on leave in Dublin in 1916 find themselves caught up in the Easter Rebellion. Darcy Malone, a Gallipoli veteran with family supporting the rebels finds himself confronted by split loyalties as his sense of duty to King, Empire and Country is tested. Already suffering from frayed nerves Darcy has to look out for his naive travelling companion, Harold James – a patriot with an attraction to Darcy’s cousin Kathleen.

silver seal

A Lickspittle Island Adventure

Jeb and JoJo Barnesfather are excited by the prospect of a trip to Lickspittle Island where their father is working for the summer. The Island holds many secrets and the children are quickly intrigued. An elusive squod, a dragon, witches, a lost treasure, the O people, the wee folk known as the Arkadians, a story of a South American princess transformed into a silver seal all keep the children enthralled as they become embroiled in an age old feud between the Island’s inhabitants.


The Astonishing Tale of J. J. Maguire

The day stated out as any normal day for Jeffrey James Maquire, Joffa to his friends, until an unfortunate accident with a soccer ball caused the unthinkable to occur. Stunned by the shock of what happens, Joffa, with his best mate Biggsy, set out to restore his boyhood to what it was. Thwarted by meddlesome teachers, a too helpful plumber and the bullying Hector Scragg, Joffa spends an anxious day wondering whether he will ever be the same again.