Bomber Saga dictates Russians must be banned.

For chagrined Essendon (Australian Rules) supporters who for the past four years have watched the AFL, ASADA, WADA and a posse of media sheriffs attack their football club there can only be one outcome in the current Russian doping scandal. Russia must be banned!

The institutionalized doping and cheating which appears to be incontrovertible in Russia’s case was never so at Essendon. Even if the Russian situation is not as widespread as it is being reported to be the ‘assumptions’ of wrong doing ought to be enough to sink the Russian Olympic team.

If Essendon players could be found guilty of taking banned substances on the flimsy and concocted evidence and flawed illogical assumptions that were brought against them then the Russians do not have a leg to stand on.

For football supporters who think James Hird should have been hung drawn and quartered, and I was one – SORRY Jimmy – you should take some time out to read the opinions of Bruce Francis (former Australian Test cricketer). If after giving weight to his thoughts you still think Essendon players got what they deserved, then well and good, but I think it was a gross travesty of justice.

Defending Essendon – an open letter from Bruce Francis


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    Bomber Saga dictates Russians must be banned. – Dale Blair